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ExperienceFellow comes from the people behind the business bestseller “This is Service Design Thinking” with 80,000+ copies sold worldwide in seven languages. We promised an app when we launched the book back in 2010, now we develop service design software for folks who want to design services and physical or digital products with their customers at the center.

In projects all over the world, we discovered that teams working in service design (or design thinking, experience design, ux, cx, etc.) often struggle with similar issues: How can I gain customer feedback which is less affected by memory bias? How can I interact with customers while they are reporting on their live experiences? How can I get information on customer journeys with limited time and budget?

At More Than Metrics, we help private and public organizations successfully do service design (or however you call what you are doing) by …

  • … developing software to efficiently research customer experiences using mobile ethnography (ExperienceFellow).
  • … developing software to use basic service design tools such as personas, (customer) journey maps, and stakeholder maps (Smaply).
  • … offering free templates as well as ready-to-use template packs and other workshop materials (MrThinkr).
  • … providing hands-on tutorials how to use these tools in real projects.
Packshot of the book This is Service Design Thinking

Our team

Meet the nice people behind ExperienceFellow

Photo of Alexandra
Alexandra Yan
QA Engineer & Software Developer

Alexandra is our Quality Assurance Engineer and checks every release before it goes live. She makes sure our users have a seamless experience. Besides that she’s a junior frontend engineer contributing to everything related to JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Photo of Andras
Andreas Seelos
Contract Management

Andreas helps us prepare and check all of our contracts to make sure they fit every party’s requirements. He holds degrees in law and economics and also brings professional experience gained in courts and law offices.

Photo of Anton Yan
Anton Yan
Senior Software Developer

Anton bridges the gap between frontend and backend technologies. We are happy that Anton, together with his wife and his lion-like maine coon cat, moved from Belarus to Austria to work with us.

Photo of Birgit Bosio
Dr. Birgit Bosio
Research & Education Contacts

Birgit has worked in the field of services and tourism for over 10 years. Part of the team since 2014, Birgit is responsible for research and university contacts.

Photo of Birgit Bosio
Carmen Walser
Accounting & Controlling

Carmen manages our money. Many years of experience as an accountant and her patient personality are the perfect basis for that. Besides that she also affectionately takes care of her family’s happiness.

Photo of Birgit Bosio
Catherine Collins
Service Design

As a service designer, Catherine is drawn to conversations and questions that cannot be googled. She likes creating and facilitating experiences, connecting ideas, questions and people. She has led and scaled education programs, worked on the investment side of entrepreneurship and collaborated organizations through her design firm Moxie.

Photo of Hardy Titz
Hardy Titz
Senior Software Developer

Hardy is our senior frontend developer. A passionate developer who cares about delivering a nice UX to you. Besides that he is helping our customers to set up projects and support them throughout their service usage.

Photo of Jakob Schneider
Jakob Schneider
Co-founder and CCO

Jakob is a visual designer and design consultant. In the business since 2006, he has worked for brands like VW, Siemens, MetaDesign or Deutsche Telekom. He co-published “This is Service Design Thinking” in 2010 and speaks at universities, conferences and agencies. Besides Smaply, Jakob is partner and creative director of KD1 design agency and co-founder of More than Metrics.

Photo of Katharina Rainer
Katharina Rainer (“Kathi”)
Marketing & PR

Katharina studied Management and Psychology and is responsible for Marketing and PR. As an Italian girl working in Austria who used to live in Spain, she’s fluent in German, English, Italian, and Spanish. As a potential customer, there’s a good chance that you’ll be in touch with her.

Photo of Klaus Schwarzenberger
Klaus Schwarzenberger
Co-founder and CTO

Klaus is an IT manager with entrepreneurial spirit. He takes care of keeping our team happy and productive, knows what it means to support legacy code and ranks human QA and solid error catching higher than 100% test coverage.

Photo of Laura Vidal
Laura Vidal
UI Designer

Laura is our creative developer in the team. She studied Informatics and Graphic Design in Barcelona. Part-time unicorn tamer, she defines the appearance of our software so that it looks nice and is easy to use.

Photo of Carl the Unicorn
Lucía Joglar
Graphic Design

Lucía helps us create beautiful digital and print resources. She has a knack for clean and self-explanatory designs and packs that up with many years of experience in the field.

Photo of Laura Vidal
Markus Nölle
Backend Development

Markus takes care of our software’s IT infrastructure and helps develop new features together with the frontend team. Besides spending time behind his computer he loves being around with his camera and his mountain and motorbike.

Photo of Marc Stickdorn
Marc Stickdorn
Co-founder and CEO

Marc is a trainer and consultant for service design thinking. As editor and co-author of the award-winning book “This is Service Design Thinking”, and associate of renowned service design agencies, Marc is also professor at various business and design schools.

Photo of Martin Kaiblinger
Martin Kaiblinger
Software Developer

With his calming influence, Martin brings some more balance into the bright team. He loves snowboarding and computer games.

Photo of Melina
Melina Savvidis

Melina cares for the folks who’d like to work with us. She’s a master student of Organization Studies and has years of professional experience in various fields of HR, especially in Talent and Program Management.

Photo of Michael Steingress
Michael Steingress (“Steini”)
Business Development & Sales

Steini helps us to be organized: he’s our thought leader when we talk about new tools and new processes. He brings a lot of structure and transparency into our daily work. Funnily enough, he does not seem that structured at all when he’s entertaining the team with his numerous stories of life.

Photo of Timo
Timo Maier
QA Engineer

Timo checks every release before it goes live by conducting detailed manual tests of our software. He’s a master student in IT and has deep knowledge in building interfaces by using a broad range of languages and systems.

Photo of Tobias
Tobias Lichtenstern
Sales & Consulting

After many years in the area of marketing and sales consulting, Tobias owns profound knowledge about how to make customers successful. He shares his knowledge with our users and helps them find the best way to improve their service experience.

Photo of Tobias van Treeck
Tobias van Treeck
Software Developer

Tobi is responsible for high-performance frontend design – tightly knit to the backenders. He loves complicated problems and wants to get his hair done.

Photo of Valentina
Zsofia Szatmari-Margitai
Service Design & Customer Success

Zsofia aims to make users work with our tools smoothly and successfully. She supports people when questions pop up and conducts internal service design projects to further improve our learning sources.

Photo of Carl the Unicorn
Carl T. Unicorn
Ticket Witchcraft

With his unicorn powers, Carl is in charge of keeping track of all our next features and bugs. He makes sure we deliver best quality stuff as quickly as possible to you.


Feel free to use these resources in any publication or presentation. We are happy to answer further media inquiries quickly and directly:

Press Releases

October 2016

[German] More than Metrics gets investment by Hermann Hauser

More than Metrics and its two products ExperienceFellow and Smaply get an investment by tech-pioneer Hermann Hauser.

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Press release Q1/01 2016

The year of 2015 was a rather eventful one for the young Austrian start-up ExperienceFellow. Based on former research achievements at the MCI Management Center Innsbruck, the academic spin-off under the lead of Marc Stickdorn and Jakob Schneider has developed an app which allows customers to evaluate brands, products and services.

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ExperienceFellow – Research customer experience

A blurb text on ExperienceFellow and mobile Ethnography. Content: The increasing importance of customer experience for business, the trend towards qualitative research, the innovative approach of mobile ethnography, a summary of both smartphone apps and web-based software of ExperienceFellow, and a summary of the company ExperienceFellow GmbH (765 words).

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MARCH 2015

[German] Kundenerlebnisse wissenschaftlich analysieren

Pressemeldung (6.3.2015): Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) und mohemian ventures investieren in Innsbrucker Startup ExperienceFellow. Im Rahmen einer Unternehemensbeteiligung investieren das Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) und die mohemian ventures ( in das junge Innsbrucker Startup ExperienceFellow.

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