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use a Mobile ethnography tool to

customer experience

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ExperienceFellow allows you to receive feedback from your customers, employees or any stakeholder through a mobile application.

Illustration of a computer where the screen says 'Create project'.

Set up a project and invite
your customers with a QR code.

Illustration of a participant reporting a touchpoint using a mobile phone.

Let your customers document
their experiences with our mobile app.

Illustration of a perspective with two customer journeys.

Analyze your customer's actual journey 
in your browser.

A glimpse of ExperienceFellow

From the participant's view
From the researcher's view

Want to Test the mobile app?

Test the app to see what your customers could be using to document their experiences.

  • Download the app exp.fellow to your device
  • Open the app and scan the QR code
  • Start reporting touchpoints
download for iOs download for android
Illustration of a mobile phone showing the QR code to access the demo project.

If you can't scan the QR code,
type this token: -9PgMZ2ZxgzJ

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