Screenshot from ExperienceFellow wizard.
Customize each project
Create projects for several organizations
Collaborate with other researchers

Set up a project

Adapt ExperienceFellow
to each project.

  1. Decide the type of information you want to collect on the participant.

  2. Choose the emotional scale.

  3. Choose the types of data you want to collect.

Screenshot of exp.fellow mobile app.
You get data in real-time
Customers share experiences

Collect data

Get customer experience data in real-time.

To participate in the research project customers only need to download the free ExperienceFellow mobile app from the app store, scan a QR code, and can start reporting their experience right away.

Tip: Use push notifications to proactively remind participants to add new touchpoints.

Screenshot of ExperienceFellow perspective feature.
Use filters to analyze data
Visualize on a map
Compare customer journeys
Illustrate the emotional journey

Analyze data

Filters, tags and collaboration.

Analyze journey maps with filters and tags. Triangulate analysis and invite other researchers to analyze and comment on the data.

Mockup of an exported customer journey.
Download and print customer journeys
Use exports for workshops

Export data

Share your insights with others.

Export data as PDF, EXCEL, or ZIP file, or print it as a journey map. You can use journey maps to analyse and figure out which touchpoints need improvements.

Tip: If you do not own a plotter, use A4 format to print customer journey maps.

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