How does it work?

Schematic representation of how ExperienceFellow works: create a project and send invitations to your participants.

Set up a project and invite your customers with a simple QR code.

Illustration of a participant showing the mobile application and the kinds of information that you can record with it: emotion, video, text, picture and location.

Let your customers document their experiences with our simple mobile app.

Illustration of the web application backend, where a customer journey is represented.

Analyze their real customer journeys in your browser.

Animated image of the wizard that helps you set up your projects.

Easy project set-up

A simple wizard helps you to set up your project. You can define project description, instructions and contact details for your research participants.

Animation showing the settings for the participants profiles.

Participant profiles

Create simple questionnaires for your participants to find out who they are. It helps to filter their data afterwards.

Scanning a QR code with the mobile application.

Invite participants

Participants join a project by scanning a QR code with the ExperienceFellow mobile apps (iOS and Android). So you can invite them through a website, email, flyers, advertisements, etc.

Animation of a touchpoint form being filled.

In-situ CX documentation

Participants document and evaluate their experiences on the go. They evaluate their experience with 5 simple smileys and document it with text, photos and videos. Time and location is tracked as well.

A screenshot of the profile of a participant.

Real-time data

See your data arriving in real time: As soon as participants sync you’ll see their data, so you could even instantly react if something is wrong.

Animation of a perspective, scrolling through the customer journeys.

Visual data analysis

Create custom tags to codify your data. Generate different perspectives on your data to focus on different topics. Drag and drop touchpoints to adjust their sequence. Filter by tags, evaluations or participant profiles.

Screenshot of the touchpoint commenting tool.

Work in teams

Research in teams to triangulate your findings with other researchers. Comment on touchpoints and create individual perspectives on your data.

Animation of a user clicking through the touchpoints in a map view to display the details of the touchpoints.

Location-based analysis

Use the map view to follow the geographical journey of participants and to find clusters of positive and negative experiences across various participants.

Overview of a PDF export of a perspective.

Export customer journey maps

Visualize CX data as customer journey maps and export them to plot them out for your presentations or workshops (optionally including tags and researcher comments).

Illustration with the text "mobile ethnography".

Based on extensive research

ExperienceFellow has been developed for quick and easy professional CX research. Its whole concept is based on a solid research method called mobile ethnography. Read more about it.

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Promised: Seeing the real data visualized in a Customer Journey is more than convincing.

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